January Failure

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The beginning to the new year was tough. Really tough. I had all these ideas of running, cycling, eating clean and beginning my journey to my life as an athlete. Then something got in the way. Asthma.

Usually I would not say I suffer badly from asthma. It is an inconvenience; the odd cough, the rare wheeze. But nothing that can stop me. This was completely turned on its head over the new year when asthma came and attacked me viscously! I reached the point where despite using up almost three Salamol inhalers I could barely breathe and after this continued to get worse panic set in the other night at 2.30am. I began to have a full panic-attack which hardly helped my situation and I was taken straight to hospital.

I can only praise the hospital staff, who despite the busy new year season were extremely helpful and efficient. Within no time I was hooked up to a monitor, and attached to a nebuliser. Seven hours, several nebuliser sessions and two steriod injections later I was able to breathe enough to be discharged. By no means however am I all fixed, walking even short distances can leave me short of breath and stairs near kill me! I am on the way though.

So my body failed me which was unfortunate but unavoidable. Regrettably my mind also let me down, and this was avoidable. Feeling sorry for myself I indulged in sympathy chocolate despite my earlier declaration. I would like to think it was a reasonable failure but the reality is that if I can fail within two days of my challenge merely for an emotional crutch I find in chocolate, then what hope do I have?

There, I have been as honest as I can. This was a very difficult start to my year and things can only get better! This includes my diet and athlete lifestyle.


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