Excuses excuses

I am the queen of excuses. The moment I open my mouth to complain about bad asthma or a dodgy ankle you can probably determine that I simply can’t be ars… Anyway!

The lazy lifestyle is not working out for me. Sure, I love the taste of processed meal and sugary treats, but I don’t enjoy the way my body digests it! Stomach aches, nausea, even a bit of nasty gas. Do not want!

Asthma has messed up my year so far, but I shouldn’t let it ruin my life. Yes it does mean certain limitations to my ability, but I’m a stubborn thing, I can defeat it!

I love nothing more than lounging in my warm, comfy bed but this isn’t doing me justice. I could be an athlete. I still can be an athlete. And using this blog I will be an athlete.

Inspiration: I will fly

Inspiration: I will fly


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