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Lazy Athlete gets deep

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Maybe you noticed, but my year is not going to plan! My dreams of waking up on the 01 January full of energy ready to take on the world fell flat on their face! Admitted to hospital barely able to breathe, ever since I have been in a state of pain, low energy and unable to partake in much physical activity.

I’m feeling a little grim about the whole experience. I did not start a blog so that I could write about failing to lose weight and get into shape. Nuhuh! But the reality is my body is simply unable to do simple things that it should be able to do and waiting for it to heal is tedious and demoralising!

I have let myself down with my diet – and I dare say it is due to deteriorate. I am about to do a last minute library weekend to finish assessments for my course and as such I can envisage myself on a four day sugar and caffeine binge. It’s not looking great. I’m feeling really grim. I’m rarely this negative but the reality is I feel like I have been kicked again and again.

Anyone out there with advice to help pick me up? God knows I need you right now. I need to return to my little bubble of excitement, positivity and energy! KAPOW!


Step up to the scales!

ScaleWithout the hard facts I could be anything. You have no idea if I am morbidly obese or on the verge of vanishing! I’ve always said that my blog is primarily for me, but this does not mean that I should not share.

So from Wednesday prepare for the weekly weigh-in. I’m already crying guys!

January Failure

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The beginning to the new year was tough. Really tough. I had all these ideas of running, cycling, eating clean and beginning my journey to my life as an athlete. Then something got in the way. Asthma.

Usually I would not say I suffer badly from asthma. It is an inconvenience; the odd cough, the rare wheeze. But nothing that can stop me. This was completely turned on its head over the new year when asthma came and attacked me viscously! I reached the point where despite using up almost three Salamol inhalers I could barely breathe and after this continued to get worse panic set in the other night at 2.30am. I began to have a full panic-attack which hardly helped my situation and I was taken straight to hospital.

I can only praise the hospital staff, who despite the busy new year season were extremely helpful and efficient. Within no time I was hooked up to a monitor, and attached to a nebuliser. Seven hours, several nebuliser sessions and two steriod injections later I was able to breathe enough to be discharged. By no means however am I all fixed, walking even short distances can leave me short of breath and stairs near kill me! I am on the way though.

So my body failed me which was unfortunate but unavoidable. Regrettably my mind also let me down, and this was avoidable. Feeling sorry for myself I indulged in sympathy chocolate despite my earlier declaration. I would like to think it was a reasonable failure but the reality is that if I can fail within two days of my challenge merely for an emotional crutch I find in chocolate, then what hope do I have?

There, I have been as honest as I can. This was a very difficult start to my year and things can only get better! This includes my diet and athlete lifestyle.